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Athletes. Aren't. Normal.

We know, because we're athletes, too. Let's face it: athletes are weirdly obsessive people. We see you out there, squeezing in that extra set of reps like it's dessert, throwing down a few extra miles just for kicks, and sparring an hour after class has ended because you didn't die enough deaths... yet.

Athletes embrace discomfort like the wise, old friend that it is. We scoff at pain and are determined to make our friends' grind look lazy. And, in the process, we really put our skin through the ringer.

Which is why we created High-Performance Face and Body Care for Athletes.

Finally - premium skincare that can keep up with your obsessively active lifestyle!

+Minimalist products do more for the skin while taking up less room in your gym bag

+Functional skincare that is also anti-chafe and anti-irritation

+Targeted active ingredients prevent "sweat acne" and fungal infections

+Biodegradable formulas for outdoor enthusiasts who want to leave the environment cleaner than they found it

+Fragrance-free formulas won't overpower sensitive skin and are undetectable by wildlife when used outdoors

+For athletic men, women, and teenagers

Targeted Actives That Work as Hard as You Do:

+Locally sourced cranberry oil deeply repairs and rejuvenates
+Activated charcoal deep cleans
+Glyceryl laurate protects against fungal infections
+Lauric triglycerides balance the skin microbiome for clear, healthy skin
+Multiple botanical extracts specifically chosen for their soothing properties and anti-bacterial protection

If an ingredient wasn't functional to the formula, we skipped it!

We're not just functional - we're clean, too!

Petrochemicals are the most common ingredients found in skincare products because they are cheap and abundant. They are also gross for your skin and terrible for the environment.
We use locally sourced cranberry seed oil as an exceptional skin and hair moisturizing superhero. Outdoor enthusiasts can feel confident knowing all of our formulas are biodegradable and break down quickly in the environment, so nothing will accumulate in the water supply if you need to bathe in a river or a stream.
We care about the local economy, we care about the environment, and we care about YOU! Our exceptionally clean ingredients keep your skin and hair feeling soft and healthy.
  • Step 01: Cleanse

    Instead of a separate face cleanser, makeup remover, body wash, shampoo, odor fighter, and shave cream, Char Goals Everything Bar Cleanser replaces all of that and more!

  • Step 02: Exfoliate

    Made of pure mulberry silk, Scuff Love's power lies in silk's unique ability to be tough yet tender. Replaces all face, lip, and body scrubs. Prevents ingrown hairs and provides a smoother shave.

  • Step 03: Moisturize

    Total Cranarchy Multi-Use Balm is a revolutionarily versatile, one-and-done product for face, body, lips, scalp, and hair. Balances skin microbiome for ultimate skin health.

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