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Mil Usos

The Heavy Lifting Bundle Deal

The Heavy Lifting Bundle Deal


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  • Bargain Bundle Deal

    When you purchase all three products together, you get an automatic discount. We appreciate you, and we know you appreciate bangin' bundle discounts.

  • Sustainability

    Lighten up your gear with innovative products that give you more bang for your buck. Meet the skincare that can keep up with your active lifestyle.

  • For All Skin Types

    We cut zero corners to bring you the best skincare money can buy. Every product is ultra concentrated, fully biodegradable, and non-irritating to all skin types.

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Total Body Care for Athletes

Take your skincare routine to the next level with our Heavy Lifting Bundle that includes all three of our magnificent Mil Usos products.

Whether you’re hitting the gym at the crack of dawn or getting ready for that epic day of fishing, each one of our high performing Mil Usos products does the, um... heavy lifting for you, and has earned themselves a spot among the rest of your gear.

Together, these three do-it-all elite athletic skincare wonders replace every other grooming product you could possibly think of. Targeted formulas compliment hard training.

What we’re trying to say is simply that our bundle has all the sh*t you need for a great deal - because we love a bargain as much as we love our active lifestyles.

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The Bundle Includes:

  • Char Goals Everything Bar Cleanser 
  • Total Cranarchy Multi-Use Balm 
  • Scuff Love Silk Exfoliating Glove

All of Our Products are:

Multi-use, gentle, and suitable for all skin types 

Free of sulfates, parabens, phthalates, essential oils, petrochemicals, and silicones

Waterless and concentrated

Fragrance-free, undetectable by wildlife



Biodegradable or Compostable


Total Cranarchy is designed to be the only moisturizing product you need for your entire body.

For scalp, face, and body moisture: Squeeze a bit of Total Cranarchy into your hands - not too much, with a product this concentrated, a little dab’ll do ya. Apply to clean skin. Don’t forget your lips, scalp, pits, nether parts, or feet.

Scuff Love is designed to be the only exfoliating product you need for your entire body.

For regular exfoliation: We recommend using Scuff Love once or twice a week. Prep your skin by letting it soak for a few minutes in a bath, shower, or outdoor body of water. Slip the mitt over your hand and gently rub the skin in circular motions to remove dead skin, dirt, and pore-clogging impurities.

Char Goals is designed to be the only cleansing product you need for your entire body.

For hair: Rub the bar directly against the scalp - it will quickly produce a robust lather. Once you create the lather you need, distribute and detangle with your fingertips.

For face and body: Apply directly to skin or use a wash cloth for deeper cleansing and makeup removal.


Total Cranarchy Multi-Use Balm:

Caprylic/Capric/Lauric Triglycerides, Hemi-squalane, Polyglycerol-3 Beeswax, Cranberry Seed Oil, Jojoba Oil, Sea Buckthorn Berry Oil, Pomegranate Oil, Palmitoylated Green Tea Extract, Glyceryl Laurate, Zinc Oxide, Bakuchiol, Bisabolol, Tocotrienols, Lecithin, Lauryl Laurate, Stearyl Glycyrrhetinate, Tetrahydrocurcuminoids

Scuff Love Exfoliating Glove:

100% Mulberry Silk and Elastic Band

Char Goals Everything Bar Cleanser:

Sodium Cocoyl Isethionate, Shea Butteramidopropyl Betaine, Cranberry Seed Oil, Sodium Lactate, Behentrimonium Methosulfate, Cetearyl Alcohol, DL-Panthenol, Activated Charcoal