Mil Usos is radically different, and that has everything to do with our founder, Becky… now SHE’s truly radical!

Becky graduated valedictorian from her high school class and earned a presidential scholarship to study Spanish at Chapman University. From 2013-2014, Becky lived in the Andes Mountains of Peru. She lived in a simple adobe brick home with no indoor plumbing, no internet, and no access to grocery stores. She spent her time outdoors in sunlight, preparing meals from scratch and doing all manner of physical labor, in addition to running the community-based tour company she founded. There was no time or interest for her to obsess over her physical appearance, and she returned from Peru feeling liberated and unburdened, with an intense awareness of the value of a simple lifestyle.

She had enough of watching half-used beauty products, seasonal trendy packaging, low-quality fast-beauty junk, and all manner of plastic tchotchkes end up in the trash (and later, in a landfill). The beauty industry demanded so much time and hard-earned money from its customers, and it produced so much waste in return, and for what, exactly?

Becky's athletic journey began with her first dance class when she was 7-years-old, and as an adult, she went on to teach pole dance classes at a tiny, boutique dance studio that catered exclusively to women. She flew halfway around the globe to study yoga at an ashram in Lonavla, India, shortly before beginning her jiu jitsu journey in late 2014. She currently holds the rank of purple belt in jiu jitsu.

Since Becky has trained so hard in so many different athletic pursuits, she expected her personal care products to work just as hard. She searched for a high quality, one-and-done moisturizer to use on her entire body - and couldn’t find it. Low-quality body moisturizers were full of cheap emollients, and tiny bottles of high-quality face products were bursting with irritating essential oils. Becky's vision was to streamline her routine with low-waste products that eliminated cheap, sensitizing ingredients, each of which could be used scalp to toe.

Mil Usos is Spanish for “one thousand uses”. It also means "a handyman” - you know, that sought after gal or guy that can fix everything? Becky created Mil Usos to be the handyman that'll take care of all your skincare needs with as few products as possible.

These days, Becky lives in sunny Los Angeles with her husband, Eric, and her cute kitty, Fritz. In addition to her impressive nerdiness and athleticism, Becky advocates for others to deprogram from Western beauty culture and embrace a "zero effs given" attitude, instead. Learn, laugh, and find movement inspiration from her instagram account @milusos_bybecky.