Nutritional Powerhouse

Exceptionally Rejuvenating Oil for Skin

Cranberry seed oil is truly unique and is considered a specialty oil. It is the only plant oil to contain Omega-3-6-9 fatty acids in perfect ratios, which gives it a lightweight texture that absorbs quickly. It is also one of the few plant oils to contains all eight forms of vitamin E, including the prized tocotrienols. High in beta-sisosterol and other antioxidants, cranberry seed oil repairs damage to the skin barrier and is a lifesaver for dry, irritated, or stressed skin.

sourced in the U.S.A.

Supports Generational Farmers

Cranberries are native to the colder climate of North America, where they are juiced to create tangy beverages, condiments, and sauces. Instead of throwing the seeds way, the seeds are pressed to release the precious oil within. This upcycling process supports generational cranberry farms and avoids the monocropping that destroys farmland. By supporting the local economy, we avoid the expenditure of fossil fuels required to import exotic ingredients from across the globe.


No More Petrochemicals and Silicones

Petrochemicals and silicones are some of the cheapest and most abundant ingredients in skincare. Petrochemicals are derived from petroleum, which is one of the dirtiest industries in the world. Silicones do not break down easily in the environment and have recently triggered legislative backlash against their use. Neither one of these ingredients nourish the skin. Cranberry seed oil is a mega biodegradable upgrade to traditional skincare ingredients. Won't damage the environment when used outdoors.