Proudly Redefining Sustainability

We believe in less. Our minimalist skincare is designed to replace multiple products, which simplifies your life and reduces your impact on the environment. We sourced the finest ingredients to create innovative, multi-use products unlike anything else on the market. Only the sh*t you need to get you on your way faster and easier than ever before.


What is Minimalist Skincare?

Minimalist skincare means fewer products and simple ingredient lists that utilize local, upcycled ingredients wherever possible. Each ingredient is functional to its formula - we don't believe in marketing ploys with meaningless sprinkles of exotic ingredients just to sound more enticing to the consumer. We know each ingredient has to be grown, processed, and transported across the globe, so if an ingredient doesn't add something significant, we skip it.

  • Local Ingredients

    U.S.A. sourced cranberry seed oil

  • Do More with Less

    Reduce your environmental footprint

  • Ultimate Versatility

    Replace multiple other products

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We're Sensitive

We don't enjoy smelling like a drug store. We skipped unnecessary fragrances and essential oils and included potent skin soothers in each of our formulas, making Mil Usos gentle for all skin types. Fragrance-free also means undetectable by wildlife. We like to take care of sensitive skin with confidence.

Skincare You Can Trust

Not all skincare is created equal. Unstable ingredients and bad packaging may mean your skincare oxidizes before you finish using it, and preservatives can throw your microbiome into chaos. Our water-free, highly concentrated formulas feature stable ingredients that actually work, and we skipped the preservatives that wreak havoc on your microbiome. For leave-on products, we avoided jars and dropper bottles, which prevents unnecessary exposure to air and light, thereby maintaining maximum antioxidant potency.

  • Minimalist

    Simple, easy, and portable

  • For the Entire Family

    Share between couples and family members

  • Fragrance-Free

    Safe for sensitive skin

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Meet Our Founder

For years, Becky searched for the perfect minimalist skincare routine, but to no avail. Nobody seemed to be thinking of sustainability in terms of using less. So, she created her own line of dynamic products that could replace an entire bathroom's worth of plastic bottles and needless waste.

Meet Becky

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