Reflections on the Black Belt Beach Babes Camp

Reflections on the Black Belt Beach Babes Camp

Aside from the ecstasy of meeting our jiu jitsu IDOLS at Legion AJJ's Black Belt Beach Babes Camp (we are still pinching ourselves!), we also got the chance to talk to lots of women about their skin concerns when training. What message came through the loudest?

Modern skincare routines are too complicated!

And we agree! When we first started this journey, one of the founding principles that guided our formulas was doing more with less. How can we do more with less, without sacrificing quality? How can we create multi-use products that are just as elegant as high-end skincare? How do we push the limits of what a single product can do?

It turned out that the answer wasn't as complicated as you might think. If you read the ingredient labels of your favorite products (which: who has the time?!), you'll find a lot of repeated ingredients. The high-performance ingredients found in our Char Goals Everything Bar Cleanser, for example, can be found in luxury shampoos, specialty face washes, and designer body washes. Even though these products are all categorized separately, the highest quality cleansers across all categories commonly use isethionates as their principle surfactant. Why? Because it's a BADASS ingredient! Isethionates offer superior lather, thorough cleansing, and no irritation.

So, we asked ourselves: why divide the same formula into a separate shampoo, face wash, and body wash? Why not create one single cleanser that can be used on the entire body? And, behold, thus Char Goals was born!

The same guiding principles informed the creation of Total Cranarchy Multi-Use Balm and the choice to use gentle, versatile silk for our Scuff Love Exfoliating Glove. Yes, we could make giant collections of products like every other skincare company out there - but we refuse. Instead, we made the deliberate decision to condense and simplify our formulas so that each product could be used on the entire body. The benefit of doing so means fewer products to purchase, fewer products to transport to and from the gym (or to competitions), and less plastic waste to throw away once you're done using the products. We believe this is the right way to do skincare, and it also happens to work extremely well for athletes and people who find themselves constantly on the go and in need of easy solutions.

Mil Usos was designed for athletes, by athletes! We understand what it's like to hit the gym before heading to work, to train multiple times a day, and still have to look our best. Nobody wants to drag a huge toiletry bag around with them to the gym, to a race, to a campground, or wherever you happen to be. We boast high-performance formulas and high-end ingredients that do more for the skin while taking up less room in your gym bag. And we have dozens of five-star reviews to prove we aren't the only ones who want simple skincare done right.

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