New Athletes Join Mil Usos!

New Athletes Join Mil Usos!

Spring is the season for new beginnings, and in the name of such new beginnings, we are thrilled to welcome three new extraordinary athletes to the Mil Usos team!


Don Reichelt is a professional trail and ultra runner living in Fairplay, Colorado, with his wife, Amy, and their two rescue dogs, Bean and Sprout (the pups' names are so cute, we die!). With many wins and podiums under his belt, there are two performances that stand out most for Don. The first includes three treadmill world records in November, 2022, and the second was winning the U.S. 24-Hour National Championship in November, 2023, for running the most miles in 24 hours. Don's Instagram account takes you behind the scenes of his intense training (the man ran for TWENTY. FOUR. HOURS.) and includes his "Tiny Bench, Big Questions" series, where he interviews other inspiring competitors in his field. We're still not entirely sure how two grown men can fit onto such a tiny bench, but he's definitely worth a follow whether you are a runner or not: @runwithdon.


Tania is a lifelong dancer and fitness enthusiast. She was a dance instructor and choreographer for 27 years, as well as an adjunct Professor of Dance Aerobics for 15 years at California Lutheran University in Thousand Oaks, California. Tania certified in Pilates in 2003 and 2005, and she also holds fitness credentials and certifications in yoga and Barre fitness. After spending decades teaching at local gyms, Tania now instructs Total Body Sculpting and focuses on fitness for those over 40 with her online platform, BeFitWithTania. She believes that fitness should be your friend and that it is the fountain of youth - along with nutrition, hydration, sleep, and good skincare, of course! In addition to the fun snippets of her training, Tania's Instagram account showcases her unapologetic, zero-fucks-given outlook on life, and we are definitely here for it: @befitwithtania.



Meet Zelzh, affectionately known as "Z", who has spent the last eight years immersing herself in martial arts. Z specializes in boxing, kickboxing, and Muay Thai, and she feels passionate about the empowerment these disciplines offer - particularly to women. The newfound strength Z discovered in martial arts inspired her life mission to spread her love for movement, including certifying as a personal trainer with a specialization in boxing. She has since imparted her knowledge and guidance to over a hundred clients, focusing on boxing techniques, strength, and conditioning. She also teaches early morning boxing classes and is living proof that you, too, can drag yourself out of bed to go box at 6 a.m. and feel happy that it's happening (no, but seriously, the pictures of all her smiling students supports the theory that this is, in fact, possible). Despite her petite frame, Z can hit pads harder than most men (please reference her utterly shredded shoulder muscles pictured above), and she offers fitness inspiration on her colorful Instagram account: @zelzhzindroski.

GO FOLLOW THESE PEOPLE! Support their training, show them all the love, and use their codes at checkout! They are all amazing athletes and entertaining content creators, and we are so proud to bring to the Mil Usos team!

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