Q: What's Better Than Retinol? A: Beta-carotene!

Q: What's Better Than Retinol? A: Beta-carotene!

Only a few foods "make it" to the skin, and beta-carotenes are one of them!

The supplement market is currently EXPLODING with products you can ingest to help with skin health, but not everything you eat ends up in the skin tissues. For example, the body may or may not use collagen and vitamin C to help the skin; instead, it will direct these nutrients wherever it feels they are most needed, such as joints or the immune system. In fact, precious few foods are capable of actually making it to the skin directly. 

Beta-carotenes are a glorious exception - not only are they deposited directly in the skin's tissues, but they also give skin a natural "glow from within." Ever heard of a baby whose skin turned orange because of an obsession with carrots? Carrots are one of the richest food sources of beta-carotene - it's where beta-CAR-O-TENE gets its name from. Since adults are larger than babies, when beta-carotenes are deposited into the skin, they do not turn orange... they just glow from the inside out. Big bonus: beta-carotenes are also deposited in the retinas and help maintain healthy vision! 

Disclaimer: While we love a good carrot juice from time to time, we do not advocate ingesting Total Cranarchy Multi-Use Balm. But adding rich amounts of beta-carotene to the skin with direct topical application is a solid plan! Beta-carotenes are a gentler cousin of retinol - both beta-carotenes and retinol are different forms of vitamin A. So, if you can neither tolerate nor afford retinol products (which also require a prescription), then we offer you Total Cranarchy Multi-Use Balm as an excellent alternative. Total Cranarchy also contains 2% bakuchiol, and bakuchiol has been proven to produce similar results to retinol but with none of the irritation or prescriptions. 

Total Cranarchy Multi-Use Balm is a highly concentrated, bangin' product that's thoughtfully designed to do it all!

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